I prefer traveling abroad than domestic travel.

I'm not going on a trip so much, but if I go, it would be better to travel...

I'm not going on a trip so much, but if I go, it would be better to travel abroad than to domestic travel. I currently live in the city's urban neighborhood. There is a beach nearby. Because it is a city, when young people come to summer, a lot comes, but the water is dirty. And the scenery around it is not so beautiful as to be impressed. However, last year I swam in Guam, but the water was beautiful and the scenery was beautiful and I was moved. In Japan, the beauty of this scenery is not sought anywhere. Also, the cultural differences are right, the streets are different, the words to talk are different, I feel a sense that you are coming to travel. After all, the real thrill of travel is totally going to a different world, I think that I feel something I can not usually feel. If it is Guam, it is the beauty of the sea water and the beauty of the scenery. In Europe, it is totally different in whites of different face, to feel a different culture from Japan at all. If you travel to enter hot springs, you can travel in Japan, but if you are looking at a completely different world and are getting excited, traveling abroad is good. I am thinking of going to Indonesia next year.

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