I prefer traveling abroad than domestic travel.

The more I like to travel abroad, the more I do not have the experience of...

The more I like to travel abroad, the more I do not have the experience of traveling abroad, so that is why I do not miss missing opportunities. The country I went to so far is America, Mexico, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Britain, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy ... what do you do somehow? I wonder if there are quite a few countries. I have been to many countries, but few countries have the same air. Even in countries such as Europe where neighboring land and land, if you enter that country, there is culture, history and characteristics of that country. And it is different from Japan. Traveling overseas is, in one word, I think that it is a trip that ""I can feel the air that I can not feel in Japan"". I often miss Japanese food as I go abroad, but I try to enjoy the food of that country. I can eat foreign cuisine now in Japan, but it was only seasoned with Japanese preference, and the dishes that the people in the country are eating really can not eat unless they go to that country is. It's not always delicious always ... It's fun to travel, even if it's not delicious to enjoy it. Actually I hope to interact with local people, but that is more of a problem than language problems. Unfortunately I do not have much pleasure so I can not enjoy enjoying it, but I still remember touching the same traveler who I met at a hotel in Italy with a Korean grandfather. Japanese is fluent ... Why men in this age are good at Japanese ... Imagine a dark history when thinking deeply, but the gentle tone of the old man, who does not feel such a thing, in a distant foreign country It was a surprise and nostalgia for Japanese who came from the mouth of an unexpected person touched ・ It is engraved in memory deeply though it is talk conversation of only ten minutes. I think that enjoying such experiences is also fun for traveling abroad.

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